Extract of time and mythical ingredients

“Perle de miel” skincare line offers three anti-aging products enriched with Hyaluronic Acid : a day cream, a night cream and an elixir, composed of two natural products obtained from bees: Propolis Extracts with a repairing and soothing effect, rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, and Royal Jelly, an essential element for the structure and functioning of skin cells which allows better regeneration of the skin to which it gives extreme softness. 


Fighting against time, the choice of eternity

Dermeis was inspired by the age-old use of bee products to offer you high quality daily care.
Bees - symbol of regeneration and vitality,  offer their ancestral genius at the service of your beauty.
Perle de Miel formulas are enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, the fundamental natural substance of the skin to prevent dehydration and maintain its firmness and suppleness.
It gives skincare biomimetic qualities to fight against the signs of aging and thus contributes to the development and perfection of your skin.

Perle de Miel offers you daily a genuine regenerating substance .

Day after day, Perle de Miel coats your skin with longevity substances.
With daily use of the Perle de Miel skincare, your skin gradually appears nourished, hydrated and revitalized with a new radiance in an invigorating trail.

A balm of freshness, a pearly bouquet of white and delicate flowers.
These olfactory notes evoke the knowledge of the bees which draw from these same flowers the necessary nectar of life