Our skin is the physical envelope of our identity. The defensive wall against the outside world and an element of our interactions; bearing the traces of our life, of our connections, of the love we receive and give. Laughter, smiles and tears leave their marks, as well as our body’s memory and our experiences. Thus, psychotherapists and anthropologists perceive our skin as a book where pleasures, doubts and fears can be read. Cherishing your skin and offering it continuous attention are long-lasting ways to beautify ourselves while remaining true to who we are.
Dermeis has created for you exceptional lines of products, unique care formulas offering you a genuine rejuvenating experience.


From an environmental perspective, we have chosen elegant but fully recyclable packagings. The glass jars come with a refillable cup and the glass bottles carry a refillable container. The refill concept is a modern solution adapted to respect the environment. Each line is adorned with symbolic, sober and universal colours. Our line Nuances d’Or embellished with gold and black evokes resistance, sobriety and seriousness, while Perle de Miel evokes renewal, innocence and the objectivity of science through the purity of its white and golden.