According to philosophers, body’s beauty emanates from nature and not from artifice.

Seeking the skin’s perfection, the harmony of its features, its smooth relief and its luminosity… to draw the look, to sculpt it…. it is the work of artists that brings us back to this cultural rooting and echoes our sense of beauty and balance.

Our desire is to find in the creation of skincare this harmony between technological progress and natural resources.

To become a daily ritual, our products had to be simple and exquisite, an ally to preserve your youthfulness, which instantly gives a feeling of invigorating freshness and firmness to the skin.

Gold and Honey, two emblematic and exceptional ingredients that we have associated with marine extracts with calming, soothing effects and with hyaluronic acid, an essential component to prevent dehydration and to maintain the skin's firmness and the suppleness.

Gold potentiates the effectiveness of skincare; it allows a better bioavailability of the anti-aging agent's action at a cellular level. 

Propolis and Royal Jelly are essential active ingredients for their regenerating, purifying and softening powers, stimulating collagen production and optimizing cell vivacity.

Our exceptional formulas not only beautify the appearance of the skin, but also restore its structure.

Two earthly worlds brought together in our skincare lines so that our experience reveals the very substance of Dermeis; meeting the ever more targeted and demanding expectations of our customers.